Bangkok Nov 2015 – The Journey Begins!

So an eventful first 4 days draw to a close! Bangkok’s been interesting as well as a challenge: it’s one of the most exhausting places I’ve ever been to! Walking anywhere is just a nope, it’s the most un-pedestrianised city I’ve ever come across. Pavements randomly end or just get swamped with mopeds (the road / not road relationship is very much fluid) and God help you if you need to cross a road. Just nope, not happening! I don’t think the heat & dirt helps but it’s more that you can’t relax, you have to be ‘on’ all the time!


Had a few people try and pull the ‘forgot’ to give me my change (including the cashier at the Grand palace of all places!) Tuk tuk drivers trying to charge 5-6 times the rates journeys should be (on a metered taxi run) and running the pickpocket gauntlet at the markets (one did get me but he got an empty pocket so ha ha, fuck you fella!) For all of this there’s been so many more pluses though! Met some great people, most of the people I’ve spoken to have been really happy to chat / help (although as a nation, they suck at map reading!!) and wondering around the markets is the stuff that travel dreams are made of! You want to buy a massive tortoise, some hatchets and a hello kitty onsie? No problem, aisle 5.

Grand palace and the temples were spectacular, the massage in the temple where it was invented was more painful than spinal surgery, and the food! Sooooooo good! Pat Thai, coconut ice cream, Mango & sticky rice, just keeps getting better. It’s a pizza, but shaped like an ice cream cone! They’ve made pizza mobile!! Finally 🙂Relaxing now before flying on to Cambodia tomorrow, the jungle temples of Ankor Wat await. Really, really excited


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