One down….

So the time as come already, Cambodia has been amazing but it’s now onward across the boarder to Ho Chi Minh city & Vietnam. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting when I set out but Cambodia has surprised & amazed in equal measure and never failed to deliver! Ankor Wat and the surrounding temples were spectacular, Phenom Penh was surprisingly sprawling & developed (even managed to briefly crash the 6th annual Cambodian film festival hosted by Angelina Joile)

The beaches of Koh Rong and the South coast are about as cliché ‘paradise island’ as they come and swimming on an pitch-black, deserted beach with motion sensitive fluorescent algae (on my birthday no less) is a moment that filled me with a sense of wonder I’ve not experienced since I was a child! The food has been magnificent (new discoveries include sugar cane juice, pad Thai, Amok, honey ginger chicken, sweet rice, condensed milk in all drinks, coconut water, the mind-blowingly good white chocolate bomb and of course various Cambodian lagers & Khmer whiskey which bizarrely tastes like rum but is still awesome) Thank you Cambodia, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Vietnam – you have a tough act to follow.



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