Minh-night Madness

What a day!! It turns out Ho Chi Minh city is amazing, there is loads happening, all at one, all the time! Since 10am this morning (had a lie in after the all-day coach trauma yesterday) I’ve watched and been invited to join in non-contact martial arts the park which, saw a massive group of kids meeting a rather unconvincing Santa in a pagoda, explored the American & Chinese War crimes museum (its as one-sided as the old name would suggest, its called the war museum now) and the 60’s paradise which is the independence palace. Witnessed 2 very near misses, 1 collision and 1 fight related to scooter crashes, watched a children’s choir practice for a bigger gig later that evening, ate one of the greatest meals I’ve ever had (caramelised fish in clay-pot with rice, a watermelon juice and passion fruit & chilli ice cream to finish. Made even better by the fact the total bill was under £2)

Also been to see Star Wars at the galaxy cinema (where else!) then on leaving tried to see what was going on at an open air gig happening round the corner but the security guy made it VERY clear I wasn’t allowed although he wouldn’t (or couldn’t) explain why . Tried Ban Po (chicken noodle soup) and loved it, tried Vietnamese coffee with sweet milk and really loved it (possibly where all the energy for today came from) learned that to say than you in Vietnamese you basically do an impression of Jimmy from South Park saying ‘Come on’ (cam ughn) have been inappropriately propositioned 3 times by ‘massage’ girls on the street “You want one hour fun time with her, is good for you” (I’ll bet it bloody wouldn’t be, it’d merit at least 1 doctors visit afterwards!) Watched the Man U v Norwich match in a bar sinking a few 50p beers while on the way back to the hotel, simultaneously watched the Everton v Leicester game commentary on my phone and now watching the Newcastle v Villa game in my room. That’s in 14 hours. This place is awesome 🙂



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