A Hoi-An Christmas

Back from the Mekong excursion and after a short flight I’m now chilling in Hoi An old town. I’ve bought a hammock but I’m not sure why (must reestablish my policy of never talking to shop owners) Decides to splash out for Christmas so got some super fancy digs – I couldn’t take a pic of the whole thing so here’s a pic of the massive comfy bed 🙂 Need the luxury to recover, here’s a truncated list of things I’ve sampled in the last 48 hours: White fungus drink, green dumpling stuffed with eggs & what I hope was bacon, rat meat, snake & scorpion whisky, coconut candy, snake meat, rice wine (soooo much rice wine!!!) pâtĂ© ban mi (finally!) Chocolate Chi coffee, Rennie’s.



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