‘Twas the night before Giáng Sinh

So, second day in Hoi An, glad I didn’t post yesterday as I was full of the rage! Booked 4 days over Christmas in Hoi An based on everyone saying how lovely it is & as the old towns a UNESCO site, but after a walk last night it just felt like to worst kind of tacky tourist trap: people hassling you the whole time trying to sell you the same identikit crap all the other stores have, or moto rides, or suits. Was hoping to get some suits made here but turns out their way more expensive (and much poorer quality) than you’d expect.

Crashed out early and after a good breakfast went for an early morning explore again and was very pleasantly surprised. There are some really nice streets with excellent old building, temples and the sort of things you would expect at a UNESCO site (they better hope the accreditation people never visit at night or Hoi An is fucked!!) Full of love for the place again after the explore today, getting a haircut / shave & ear clean for £3, finding a world renowned ban mi place which had some great food for under £1 and getting a massage, some food & a drink for free from the hotel  Turns out Hoi An on Christmas eve is very agreeable: Lots of lights, street performers & games (I accidentally won a small purse in an odd street-hoopla style setup) and some excellent street food. Also stumbled across a massive-budget outdoor nativity which was very cool. Enjoyable night



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