Dec 26th & not a turkey in sight!

Firstly thank you all for showing the love yesterday, was as a bit down & homesick after speaking to the family Christmas morning (sounds ridiculous in the circumstances I know but if you had full control of them, all the time, they wouldn’t be emotions!) Grand now anyway so here’s the overview for my Vietnamese Christmas! Woke early to cycle to the beach yesterday (Christmas on the beach was very much a bucket list item for me) About 5k which doesn’t sound much but in 30 degree heat, on mental roads, with a crappy no geared bike & about 10 years since I last cycled, it proved a slight challenge! Took about it 20 mins (1 stop) but I was rewarded with the gloriously long and empty An Bang beach. I never been on a beach that stretched off so far in both directions that I couldn’t see either end! Went for a stroll for about an hour before settling in a sun lounger in the shade & dozing till about noon before cycling back. Felt a bit burnt despite the multi layers of sun-cream so straight in the indoor pool for a swim at the hotel (possibly my most active Christmas ever!!)

Went to Streets restaurant for a non traditional dinner of shredded mango salad followed by the Hoi An speciality Cao Lau (beef & noodles with croutons) then after a chat to the family, stayed in watching a few movies & destroying the mini bar. Another early start his morning, went to explore more of the old town before the crowds (& hawkers) got there, sat having a coffee overlooking the river & revisited the ban mi place which is (apparently) really famous (I say apparently, the massive queues would suggest actually) Started raining at this point so popped back to the hotel after dropping into a really cool shop selling old communist propaganda posters (as opposed to the current ones dotted around the streets everywhere) Indulged in a hot stone massage (as I’ve always wanted to try one before heading to the outdoor theatre to watch a surprisingly cool water puppet show! I think I was chatted up by a very pretty good street vendor on the way home (we chatted for a whole and she gave me some free popcorn) Then another Skype with the family to see the girls open their presents and now chilling in the hotel bar waiting for the Leicester match to start. It’s a tough old slog most of the time but every now and again life reminds you why it’s awesome! 🙂


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