Doing it My Hue

So another few days on, another city. After taking the morning to check out marble mountain in Da Nang yesterday (an awesome mountain near the coast which was mined for the marble sculptures nearby creating a system of caved & temples carved into the mountainside) it was a 4 hour bus ride to Hue. Bus company was shifty as anything which was a surprise given the posh hotel I’d been staying at booked it but I got here in the end. Back to cheap digs now and it didn’t half show yesterday! Room I was put on had water running down the walls and a nasty damp smell, have moved me to a new room now which is loads better and only £3 as night so still a win!

Hue has been a pleasant surprise, spent the day today exploring the ancient town (well, what’s left of it after the French and the US did their thing on it over the years) There’s been a huge amount of investment and the redevelopment is clearly ongoing, would love to come back in many years once it’s completed as it’s be amazing then (its still very impressive now!) Was also treated to a show in the redeveloped royal theatre, traditional music, dancing etc. Had a bit of crack with the woman on the door talking about the traditional instruments and my attempts to play one of the in Hoi An and she ended up letting me watch the show for free which was a bonus £3 saved (paid for the hotel that lol)

Between tracking round all day today & scaling the mountain yesterday my legs are shot so headed back for an early night but not before trying Bingsu, a desert which is artificially created snowflakes, flavoured & served with condensed milk. It’s bloody lovely, will definitely be going back there again! Next couple of days are already planned out, on a day trip tomorrow to go and see a number of the royal tombs & temples nearby to the city as well as a dragon boat ride, then a long day Weds heading up to see the Phong Nha cave systems. Hope my legs hold out from all the walking, might need to book myself another massage 🙂 In the interim will need to stay well rested some now for some sleep! Night all!


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