Homeward bound

So there we go then, all done and halfway back to Blighty! It’s 10pm in Dubai airport but my body clock is at 1am and flagging, not ideal when my flights not for 5 more hours. Spent the final day in Bangkok just wondering round, taking it all in one final time and getting in some last minute present shopping. I know I should have spent the very last night found something super-wild like snorting scorpion blood from a lady boy’s belly button in the back of a tuk tuk or some such but at this point I’m spent. The last of the budgets been blown and my energy tank is at nill so just had an early night instead. Going out with a whimper lol! Thank you for keeping me company on the journey, Facebook internet wizardry has basically made it feel like I’ve been carrying you all with me in my pocket. I hope you’ve been provided with some mild amusement and I look forward to catching up with each of you for a bloody good catch up now I’m back. I’m off to wander this gargantuan airport looking for a coffee that’s under £5, see you soon!


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