The Hill of Doom!

Travel update! Apologies for the delay, I know you’ve all been waiting with baited breath since the breakfast photos but it’s been an action packed few days 🙂 On arrival, after a brief falling out with the Lisbon metro system (I thought the tram I wanted should be running, evidently they didn’t but I’m destined never to know why on the grounds that a. I don’t speak Portuguese and b. I wasn’t really paying attention given I’d been up since 2am to get my flight so was running on under 40 mins sleep) Eventually some creative route planning got me close to where I needed to be but then came the hill of doom! I know now that the turning I need is only 1/4 of the way up or so but it took 2 full scale and descents to work this out, by which point a combination of fatigue, heat, full backpack and a coat had me, lets say looking less than sprightly. Some Japanese tourists were photographing my struggle from the top, no doubt as a justification for paying the 4 euro for a 30 second tram ride to the top (travelling on a budget has its drawbacks!) I expect to see the tram company using my sweaty, red, distressed face as a marketing image soon enough (All I’ll ask for as payment is a golden tram card that means I never have to climb that fecker again!) Eventually I figured out where I was supposed to be going anyway then after a quick shower was off out to start discovering Lisbon 


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