Always with the hills!!

Travel update 🙂 Sitting with a coffee in the shadow of the stunning Convento de Christo; headquarters of the Knights Templar from the 12th to the 16th century (for reference, the black line is a shadow from the cafe canopy, the sky isn’t falling or anything) The ball-ache about visiting so many castles recently is that if you’re building a castle you’re probably defending something so you stick it on top of a big fuck off hill then make it deliberately difficult to access. Awesome for repelling marauders, inconvenient for attracting tourists. Still, the combination of height & off season meant I had the place pretty much to myself today which was very agreeable (especially after the chaos of Pena palace in Sintra!) The convent itself is staggering, an intricately decorated, high ceiling, circular yolk so designed (apparently) so the Knights could attend mass on horseback 🙂 This is one of a number of UNESCO sites in the area and (in an effort to claw back the extra time spent in Lisbon) I’m planning to try and hit 2 in one day tomorrow then travel up to Porto that evening. This involves lots of running around to try and catch irregular busses, sightseeing while fully laden & doing it against the clock. The potential for catastrophe is high, but when has that ever stopped me! 😉


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