A year ago today….

Although it’s been a very busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas (which is odd given they don’t really celebrate it over here) I thought today would be a good day to reflect on the last year. I appreciate this is normally very much a New years day thing to do (usually while you lay face-down on the sofa nursing an apocalyptic hangover, sitting up only to stuff pizza in your face and break at least 2 resolutions in the process) but today marks exactly 1 year since I left my old job and old life behind to chase the travel dream.

Since that day I’ve explored and fell in love with (and in) Portugal, spent time visiting friends in sunny Malaga, explored spectacular Seville & renewed old friendships in (less sunny) Wolverhampton. I’ve  sung at a festivals with DGC in beautiful Lithuania and Ireland, sung backing with Duran Duran in front of 30-odd thousand people, had weeks of fantastic quality family time in Warrington & went adventuring in Wales. I saw band’s I’ve wanted to see live since I was a kid (Aerosmith’s farewell tour in Dublin & watched Madness in Stradbally) earned my Celta to qualify as an English language teacher and then found work on the other side of the world in Rui’an, China. Since arriving here I’ve explored wonderful west lake in Hangzhou, been treated to a weekend at a monster theme park near Ningbo, I’ve explored the mountain parks of Rui’an, sang at shows in Chinese, I’ve been Santa (twice) learnt the bones of a new language and I’ve got trips booked in the nest two months to visit the Ice festival in Harbin before spending two weeks on the road travelling down China’s East coast winding up with Chinese New Year in Macau. Crucially I’ve done all this while meeting and spending time with the most incredible people from all over the world.

I hope this doesn’t come across as me bragging / being a bit of a dick as it’s absolutely not the intention, in the grand scheme of things in the last year I’ve done very little. But I just wanted to share that amazing things can happen if you’re willing to take a chance and give them the opportunity to do so! Have a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year! (I promise I’ll do my best to get some of the Santa pics up as soon as I get them)


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