Living the dream in Ankor Wat

A big one today! This afternoon was the culmination of a lifelong dream which for the last 20 years looked like would never be fulfilled. I’m not sure why but Ankor Wat has always been the symbol of my travel dream, a far off exotic place in the jungle which only existed in the pages of travel mags and other people’s photos. When my back problem started it seemed that this was all it would ever be, but after climbing the main the tower today (up a shitload of steps, again something I never could have managed until recently), looking out across the ruins and the jungle canopy (and now again while I write this) I got tears in my eyes. I sacred the shit out of the poor girl I asked to take a picture, I barley got the words out I was so chocked up!

It’s been a long, tough journey, the details of which everyone close to me are all to familiar with, but standing there today I felt a sense of satisfaction I’ve never known before. Everything between now and the next 6 weeks is a bonus (I saw and scaled multiple other temples today, rode an elephant and watched a spectacular sunset from the pinnacle of Phenom Bakheng) as I can’t see anything topping the feeling of joy and satisfaction I got there today


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