Portugal: Travel-by-numbers

Travel update : The numbers
I appreciate a lot of my posts have been pretty wordy so for my final update I’ll focus on the numbers to mix it up cause that’s just the kind of crazy fecker I am 🙂
Total nights : 13
Towns & cities visited : 7
Days in which initial 13 day budget was spent : 5
Total overspend : 200%
Days since my clothes were washed : 8
UNESCO sites visited : 7
Pastel de natas eaten : loads
Weight gained : some
Average steps per day : 18,000
Max in a single day : 42,000
Plagues contracted : 1
New drinks discovered : 5
New foods tried : 9
Best : Pastel de nata
Worst : cows hoof stew
New friends made : 5
Heartbreaks : 1
New song ideas linked to the above : 3
Number of restaurants fallen asleep in : 1
Times rescued from crackheads by a lil old lady : 1
Number of glasses of wine I’ve drunk so far this evening : 4
Likelihood that I’ll return to Portugal again in the future : 100%
Amount of my heart which this amazing county and it’s wonderfully warm people have stolen : All


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