Going Strong on Koh Rong

Thanks all for the birthday wishes, it’s been a fantastic day! Started with card opening while overlooking the beach from the raised tent I stayed in the night previous. Upgraded to a bungalow for a second night (with a nice big birthday discount) then trekked through the ‘jungle’ for a few km to the next beach along the Island (the beautifully quiet and picturesque Coconut beach) A swim with some fishes in the crystal clear waters and a snack at the restaurant overlooking the beach then back to the resort.

Then a few beers by the campfire before a chat with the staff revealed that the beach a short walk away had some incredible florescent algae which are activated by movement. Was sadly to dark to get a good picture but it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, it’ll definitely be something which stays with me! Now for a quick Skype with the family then bed. I’ve had worse days


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